From a member of the Legion!

Horsens Museum, Denmark, you can find things, such as kitchen wares, a
complete Hamata in bits and a Pugio. All this was found in the same
area. It proves that there were close contacts between the residents of the area around Horsens and the Roman Empire.

It is very possible that the Hamata belonged to a man who served as an
auxiliary soldier in Roman army. One can speculate why these items ended
up in Denmark, to be found in a grave. It is therefore very convincing
that this man indeed was a Roman auxiliary. As Danish Roman Re-enactors
we often, get the question from the audience, “Why are you Danes dressed
up as Romans and not Vikings? The Romans never were in Denmark.” Well
that is true, but there were close contacts with Roman Empire of some
sort. People here took the items with them in their graves. The things
were not spoils of war. If so they would have been cut to pieces. These
people clearly loved all things, Roman.

Denmark has the
largest and best preserved collection of Roman weapons in the world. Now
that is indeed a very good and plausible reason why we have a Roman
Re-enactment group in Denmark.

Top left: Chainmail 4-5 mm revited. Top right: Pugio and reconstructed pugio. Bottom: Roman broze vessel.