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Nyheder fra Legio VI Victrix Cohors II Cimbria

Om Den danske Romergruppe

LEGIO VI VICTRIX COHORS II CIMBRIA er Danmarks første romerske reenactmentgruppe. Vi tæller i dag over 50 medlemmer. Vi går op i at rekonstruere historisk udstyr fra Romerriget og leve og formidle viden om Romerriget, den romerske hær og den romerske forbindelse til Danmark i jernalderen. Vi optræder i forbindelse med museer og andre historiske formidlere. Læs mere:

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A trip to Roman Britain

Nyt fra romergruppen Posted on Sat, October 26, 2013 22:12:23

Another trip to Roman Britain.

We spent our holidays i Britain again. Two years ago we walked along Hadrians Wall on the very edge of the Roman Empire. This year we walked the Cotswolds Trail. Our walk started in Sulis Minerva(Bath) The Roman bath in Bath is a must see for every Roman enthusiast. The museum is great and provides a fantastic audioguide which keeps you at the museum for hours.
Later on we took a little detour to Cirencester. Cirencester has an amphitheater hidden under grass and earth but you can walk around and across it and it still is a fabolus experience. The town was only second to London in Roman times. The pictures of the horseman are from the townmuseum.
We spent the last days in Portsmouth and visited the new Mary Rose museum. Portchester is one of the Roman Saxon shore forts and it is only a short busride from Portsmouth. Unfortunately we did not have time to see Butser Ancient Farm or the Roman villa at Fishbourne or Maiden Castle.

Roman Britain

Vidste du? Posted on Sat, October 26, 2013 21:49:06