A trip from the northern shores of the barbaricum to the Limes Frontier of the civilized world in Germania Superior.

The Limes is part of the Unesco World Heritage. This means that even the most uninterested local politicians, tourist organizations and companies take Roman history in Germany seriously. This has resulted in numerous reconstructions of Roman architecture and new museums along the Limes frontier in Western Germany.

The easiest and cheapest solution is of course to build a new Roman watch tower, in either stone or timber with a 30feet long ditch, earthen rampart and a palisade. The local restaurant offers a so called Roman dish or 2, maybe the popular Römer Platte.

The Deutsche Limes Kommission is trying to change that. The reconstruction of a small earthen Limes Klein Kastell is a result of this new policy. The small village of Pohl has the only small timber, earth Kastell to be built at the Limes in Germany. The first thought to cross one`s mind is why should others not be allowed to build another one. Nonetheless it is quite obvious. Others are forced to build something that has not been tried before. This will give us unique new structures of different time periods within the existence of the Limes frontier.

The Klein Kastell Pohl is an early structure. It was probably erected at the turn of the 1st to the 2nd century anno domino under the reign of the emperor Trajan. All the stones are painted onto the wooden fortifications. The Kastell was manned by a small auxillia force which monitored the border and controlled a nearby road. Enjoy the pictures. You can read a full rapport at www.deutsche-limeskommission.de It is a Pdf file under Literatur, Publikationen der deutschen Limeskommission 1 2012. There are numerous other articles on the file. The text is in German.