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Nyheder fra Legio VI Victrix Cohors II Cimbria

Om Den danske Romergruppe

LEGIO VI VICTRIX COHORS II CIMBRIA er Danmarks første romerske reenactmentgruppe. Vi tæller i dag over 50 medlemmer. Vi går op i at rekonstruere historisk udstyr fra Romerriget og leve og formidle viden om Romerriget, den romerske hær og den romerske forbindelse til Danmark i jernalderen. Vi optræder i forbindelse med museer og andre historiske formidlere. Læs mere:

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Pictures of the chest

Nyt fra romergruppen Posted on Mon, January 14, 2013 21:06:23


Nyt fra romergruppen Posted on Mon, January 14, 2013 21:01:46

A Roman inspired chest.

I was asked to build a chest for one of our legionaries. The chest had to be big enough to lock away a gladius and at the same time to serve as a piece of furniture to sit upon on our reenactment campaigns. Obviously a common legionary would never have had a personal chest that size on a campaign. The needs of modern day reenactor are quite different from those of a Roman soldier.

There are very few surviving chests from the early Empire. In Pompeji and Herculaneum a couple of chests survived badly burnt. Smaller chest like boxes survived in graves and cities. These are very often possible to reconstruct because of different metal parts and applications that survived to our days. Literature:

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Forschungen in Augst, Band 31 2001 Römermuseum Augst

I didn’t choose to make a copy of an existing piece of furniture, but the chest is strongly influenced by one found in Herculaneum. I made it smaller and changed the legs. The original does not have legs but just 2 pieces of wood to keep it away from the ground. I did not put a panel round the lid of the chest. It is not necessary, fragile and quite annoying when one uses the chest. The original does not have a lock. I chose a simple solution that makes it possible to lock the chest with a padlock. The metal handles are inspired by handles found on smaller wooden boxes. The original does not have handles or metal reinforcements at the corners.