By Karl-Heinz Moser-fiedler

Legio VI Victrix was stationed in the Northern provinces and Britannia. The weather is and was rough most of the time and Germanic and Gallic auxillia would certainly improve their wellbeing by wearing local costume. I quite like chequered, natural and undyed cloth which is often used in iron age reconstructions.

When I accidently found a brown, white cloth I knew I had to make a Gallic coat. The Gallic coat is mentioned in classical literature but unfortunately archaeology has only unearthed 2 examples. The Reepsholt coat, a bogfind from Northern Germany and a burial find from Les-Martres-De-Veyre. Both finds are well preserved and it is possible to reconstruct the garment.

Further reading:
Bonner Jahrbücher: Wild, J.P. Clothing in the north-west provinces of the Roman Empire. 1968
Elisabeth Munksgaard Oldtidsdragter Nationalmuseet 1974

Both articles show good pictures and give accurate dimensions, which makes it very easy to make a Gallic coat. It looks very clumsy but it is comfortable and cosy in the evening and round the campfire. I wear it on top of my woolen tunica. It is described being worn without a belt. I prefer to wear it with a belt. All the folds created by the belt make it even warmer to wear. I am very fond of my latest improvement to keep me warm and it gives me a barbarian touch.